Daventry Parkrun No.127

So I ran a time which was in line with performances this year, but it felt so much harder. In fact, I’ve run quite a bit faster and not felt so bad at the finish. Although you can sometimes explain this anomaly away as just having low energy levels on the day, I’ve no doubt the cause lies elsewhere.

In recent weeks I’ve increased my training load while trying to maintain the tougher sessions to the same level. I have suffered for that so it was no surprise how Saturday went. To address this I’m going to return to what worked so well for me last year, which looks something like this:

Sunday: Long run

Monday: Rest or bike

Tuesday: Intervals (these are usually 1 minute, 0.25 miles or 0.5 miles)

Wednesday: Easy run [am] and sometimes bike [pm]

Thursday: Tempo run (unless doing parkrun that Saturday then easy)

Friday: Rest or easy run – if not racing following day

Saturday: parkrun or rest

There’s just over 2 weeks till my next parkrun so it will be interesting to see how that one goes. My time on Saturday was 24.16. Taking a positive from this: I’ve never run parkrun faster in March.

Happy Running


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