The Monthly PB

Can your recent race history predict future pb’s? For the past few months I have been running consistently well, so I’ve took a look back to see how my best times compare in previous years for the same month. I was little surprised by the results which are shown below:

Monthly PB 2014 – 2016 TIME Monthly PB 2016-20 17 TIME Difference (Seconds)
05-SEPT-2015 24:36 03-SEPT-2016 24:03 -33
24-OCT-2015 24:10 15-OCT-2016 23:30 -40
29-NOV-2014 25:28 05-NOV-2016 23:43 -105
06-DEC-2014 24:44 31-DEC-2016 23:54 -50
03-JAN-2015 25:57 21-JAN-2017 24:14 -103
13-FEB-2016 25:28 18-FEB-2017 24:19 -69

So for the last six months I have run a faster time, each month, than on previous years for the same month. So far so good, but looking at the table a little closer might suggest a worrying trend since last October: month on month, I’ve been getting slower. In part, this could be explained for the following reasons: (1) My pb in October was run at a different course to the other times. It was on a course which I find more suitable for fast running than my local course. (2) My local course is mainly off-road which becomes softer underfoot and even waterlogged in places at this time of year. (3) Training variations from the winter months to the summer may have a bearing as there’s more of an emphasis on quantity and longer intervals.

What I want to know of course is whether or not I can expect to improve on my pb in the coming months? Only time will tell of course. The above data could be taken as contradictory, but I’ve always believed you have to take the positives out of any situation so you know which data I’m going to focus on. My next few weeks will be all about maintaining consistency, avoiding injury and enjoying the training – especially the intervals! Hopefully then I will see the improvement in times I’m looking for.

Happy Running


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