My Training Plan [Part three]

As we enter the winter months I have revised my training schedule (seems as good an excuse as any!). I’ve also joined a gym which I hope will serve me well on the days none of us wish to venture outside.

Sunday: Long run (usually 60–90 minutes).

Monday: Rest, alternative training and/or easy run. If run, I will try to restrict this to 30 minutes as it’s more important to be fresh for tomorrow’s training.

Tuesday: Interval Training. A typical training session is as follows: 12 minute easy run to warm-up, followed by 12 x 1min interval (recovery also 1 min). Easy run warm-down several minutes.

Wednesday: Steady run (up to about 40 minutes).

Thursday: Tempo Run. There are many versions of the tempo run. This is mine: one mile warm-up followed by three miles at tempo pace (for me, this is 85-90% of my top speed for 5k), and then a few minutes jog to warm-down.

Friday: Rest or easy run. I will only run if I’m unable run on Saturday due to other commitments.

Saturday: Parkrun (if possible). I do not run at race-pace every week. Some weeks I will run easy or start easy before building up speed. If I train on Friday, this is a rest day.

In addition to the above, several times a week I will do stretching and strengthening exercises.

There has to be a degree of flexibility with every training plan. I don’t get too stressed if I can’t train as intended. It could be on a Tuesday that I feel tired, so I do a steady run instead and put the intervals back till Wednesday.

What I think is important though, is consistency over a given period. You know how it feels when training has been going well for a couple of months (or in some cases a lot longer). Physically you’re in a better shape to run well and mentally I think also: consistent training breeds confidence.

Happy Running


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