Daventry Parkrun No.93 & 94

Summer weather came late this year, but it’s certainly a lot warmer at start time on a Saturday than it was a few weeks ago. I’m still struggling to acclimatise, which in part, is denying me the opportunity to seriously challenge my comeback pb (still 23:57 from last year).

A few weeks ago I did get within 4 seconds of my best, but I took the decision, that even if I set a new mark, it was only going to represent a marginal improvement. For that reason, I have increased my training. I’m 4 weeks in and really enjoying the additional training; most of which is on the bike. My total cardio (from running) was 3-3.5 hours per week. This has now increased to 4-5 hours (running and bike).

There are 2 main areas I’m looking to improve with this extra training: aerobic fitness and weight loss. I have definitely lost a little more weight: time will tell if my fitness level has increased. Of course, there are also the benefits derived from cross-training, such as making the muscles stronger by exercising them in a different way.

I’m hoping to see the benefits of my new training regime in September and October. If it works it is something I’m prepared to stick with. My times for the 2 above parkruns were 24.31 and 24.27 respectively.

Happy Running


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