My Training Week [Part 2]

Below is an article from some time ago. I took the decision a few weeks ago to increase my training in pursuit of faster times. I’ve highlighted the additional training in italics. It’s too early to tell whether the extra training has been beneficial but I’ll keep you posted.

Thought it would be a good idea to post my training on a typical week. I’m also interested in what you do? I speak to other runners all the time at parkrun events, and it’s nice to hear how they train; occasionally, I incorporate some of their ideas in to what I do.

Sunday: Long run (usually 50–70 minutes). PM: 30-40 mins on bike

Monday: Rest or alternative training (could be cycling, strength exercises or stretching). I’ve just started a 2-week training plan which allows me to run every other Monday, if I wish. Not usually more than 30 minutes at steady/ brisk pace. Now training on Mondays: Up to 40 mins running or 30-60 mins on bike.

Tuesday: Short Intervals (usually 8 by 30 seconds with 30 seconds recovery). With warm up/ warm down, this session usually lasts between 30-40 minutes.

Wednesday: Steady run (up to about 40 minutes). PM: 30-40 mins on bike

Thursday: Intervals (I vary this session. Intervals anything between 30 seconds and a minute and a half). The number of intervals is based on how long they are. So for a minute and a half, I might only do four. With warm up/ warm down, this session lasts up to 40 minutes.

Friday: Rest. Might do some stretching. I will sometimes train if I can’t run Saturday because of other commitments.

Saturday: Parkrun (if possible). I do not run at race-pace every week. Some weeks I will run easy or start easy before building up speed.

There has to be a degree of flexibility with every training plan. I don’t get too stressed if I can’t train as intended. It could be on a Tuesday that I feel tired, so I do a steady run instead and put the intervals back till Wednesday.

What I think is important though, is consistency over a given period. You know how it feels when training has been going well for a couple of months. Physically you’re in a better shape to run well and mentally I think also: consistent training breeds confidence.

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2 Responses to My Training Week [Part 2]

  1. Shaun Antell says:

    You are spot on in talking about consistency. Too many people try and set the world on fire with their training but then they can’t keep it up, then they wonder why they aren’t improving. Your training week looks pretty solid. 👍


    • Hi Shaun, thanks for your comment. I’ve got to say your times are really impressive. I used to run under 17 minutes for 5km but your time of sub 15 is a completely different level. I will follow your blog and watch your times with interest.

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