Running Tips (Part Two)

Welcome to part two of advice from the experts. I hope some of these tips prove interesting. I must admit there’s a few that have given me something to think about.

9.Staying Interested “A 40-minute run punctuated with a half-dozen 30-second pace pickups (not all-out sprints) can really jazz up an otherwise boring training run.” —Amby Burfoot, Runner’s World editor and 1968 Boston Marathon champ

10.Steady Progress “Any idiot can train himself into the ground; the trick is doing the training that makes you gradually stronger.” —Keith Brantly, U.S. Olympic marathoner

11.Run/ train for fun “Do tough workouts that you enjoy. Mile repeats and quarters are more fun for me than fartlek. [“Fartlek” is Swedish for variable-paced, up-tempo running.] I feel better about my running when I do the workouts I enjoy and that I know I benefit from.” —Dan Cloeter, two-time Chicago Marathon winner

12.Stop the Clock “I don’t wear a watch during my long runs. That way I’m not tempted to compare my time from week to week.” —Lynn Jennings, three-time World Cross-Country champion

13.When Rest is Best “Back off at the first sign of injury. Three to 5 days off is better than missing a month or two. Take regular rest days.” —PattiSue Plumer, two-time U.S. Olympian

14.Uphill Battle “Hills are the only beneficial type of resistance training for a runner.” —Arthur Lydiard, Olympic coach from New Zealand

15.Finding your Rhythm “Running hills breaks up your rhythm and forces your muscles to adapt to new stresses. The result? You become stronger.” —Eamonn Coghlan, Irish Olympian and only 40-year-old to break 4 minutes in the mile

16.Race Pace “Three half-mile repeats on the track at 5-K race pace with a short recovery jog in between shouldn’t scare anyone away—and it will improve your speed.” —Frank Shorter

Happy Running


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