Daventry Parkrun No.89

This was to be my last parkrun without GPS assistance, and I found probably the most important reason why: I started too fast. And if you do this, you pay later, and I really did pay later. The third mile was the most uncomfortable I’ve run for some time and I laboured to the finish – well it felt like I had a rope tied around my waist and was towing a heavy tyre.

To be honest, even with GPS, I would have run the first mile before discovering my pace-error, and me being me, there’s no guarantee I would have done the sensible thing by dropping a gear. I have a long history of starting races like a bat out of hell and hanging on for dear life at the finish. These mostly date to races in my twenties, but I’m not always the fastest of learners.

It can be very tricky to find the right pace from the off. You should start at a fair lick (as touched on in my previous post, ‘Run a Faster 5K’), but you pay a price for getting this wrong and being that little too fast. I still finished with my second best time this year (24.17), so at some point I would have been on for a pb. I find that very frustrating; to think, if only I could have just hung on…

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