Daventry Parkrun No. 87

2016 pb! I’m absolutely delighted to run my fastest time this year, and only 4 seconds off my best parkrun time to date. It also represented an improvement of 47 seconds on my previous best this year. As pleased as I am, it’s always important to question the reasons for it, and what is required to improve on going forward.

Well, two things. The first relates to my previous article ‘Run a Faster 5K’, where I touched on the importance of starting a race quicker than you would ideally like. I did this, and there’s no doubt this played a part in my time.

The second reason is that it was 2 weeks since my last ‘all out’ effort over 5K. Previously, I had been racing every weekend. It would seem that having a 2-week gap gave me enough time to recover and put in some really good training sessions.

I probably realised from last Monday that there was an improvement in my training performance, and on Tuesday, I did a really good interval session, followed by 2 days of steady running. The surprising thing for me was, while training Wednesday and Thursday, I was itching to run a lot faster. This is always a good sign you are ready to race.

Of course, feeling this way in training doesn’t always lead to an improvement in race times. And so, despite starting quickly and working well around the course, I had no way of knowing how fast I had actually run, as I had no GPS assistance. It was only when I received my text message that I realised how close I was to my best time.

What I will take forward from this, is to race fortnightly for the foreseeable future, and give myself the time to recover and train at a level which will bring about improvement. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten the importance of a good start. My recorded time was 24.01.

Happy Running


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