Daventry Parkrun No. 82

Conditions were about perfect today: a little cool at the start but you quickly warmed up. Six of us ran today including Willow and my eight year old niece.

I did arrive in time to get warmed up with a jog around the field. Despite this, I found my knees were sore and stiff in the first mile. This had to be down to my training leading up to Saturday. I trained very well, but even with a recovery day on Friday, I obviously still hadn’t fully recovered.

Tuesday was a particularly good fartlek session. I started off running longer intervals and finished with shorter bursts to add speed. I also did some tempo running on Thursday. In a future article, I will write about my training in detail, and what makes up a good training schedule for 5k racing.

Back to Saturday: I managed to get into a better pace once my knee joints had loosened up. I have lost a little weight in the last few weeks, so it will be interesting to see if this eventually translates to faster times. Ran hard over the last mile, struggling for breath by the finish – nothing new there! My time was 25.14 (second fastest run this year).

This Saturday, I will try and run my fastest time in 2016 and also dip under the 25-minute mark. We are going to experience warmer temperatures as we get closer to the weekend. Sounds like I’m making excuses already! Now what did I say about not listening to the left side of your brain…

Happy Running


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