Daventry Parkrun No. 77

Several hours of rain overnight meant that parts of the course were wet and slippery; the climate was very good though. I was there, as usual, with other family members; Willow the Wonder Dog plus a family friend from France. We ran in 3 different groups if you can call me running on my own a group.

I was pleased with how I ran despite my time (25.54). Having lodged a better time the previous week, I expected something quicker but the race came on the back of a heavy week of training, and if anything, I over trained last week.

You should always look for positives. I maintained good form throughout and felt like my pace was consistent. I don’t know this for a fact as I wasn’t using GPS and I know it’s sometimes misleading to try and gauge pace. At various times I have run a mile within a race and been surprised at how fast or slow my pace was.

This week I will ease up a little. I started the week (Sunday) with a long run (70 mins). Monday is a rest day, followed by intervals or fartlek on Tuesday. No Parkrun this Saturday for me. My son has a football match in Wales! I’ll look on this an opportunity to get in a two-week block of training before my next Parkrun.

Happy running


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